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Research Reveals Chiropractic May Help Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) plagues kids and families all over the world. Experts determined that ADHD reached a level of crisis based on the number of people the medical community diagnosed with the affliction. Medical doctors diagnosed over 6.4 million school-age (4-17) children in the United States alone. This number registers a 42% increase over the last 12 years. Children who suffer from an ADHD diagnosis typically act before they think, have trouble focusing, and cannot sit still for long periods of time. Children diagnosed with ADHD struggle with focus, concentration, and learning ability more than other kids their age. ADHD often results in lower performance in school and an inability to perform mundane tasks in school and at home. Most parents of ADHD children look for solutions in a variety of places. Chiropractic can succeed where other strategies may fail.

chiropractors in montgomery county paResearch published in 2010 observed a clear connection between a chiropractic adjustment and brain function. The adjustment led to improved brain and body coordination. Many additional studies corroborate a link between a chiropractic adjustment and improved brain function in children and adults. A chiropractic adjustment helps restore balance to the nervous system. The result allows children and adults of all ages to experience more control and calmness while leading better lives with greater ability to learn and perform. Some children with ADHD love to be squeezed, hugged, and massaged. They also like to sleep with heavy blankets or comforters wrapped around them. These characteristics influence little neurons within their muscles and spine, triggering a calming effect within the brain.

The power of the brain controls all performance. Chiropractic adjustments improve motion within specific misaligned areas of the spine. Releasing interference to the nervous system stimulates the brain to produce hormones which trigger calmness and pain reduction. Chiropractic provides life-changing care for many parents of children with ADHD. Chiropractic delivers results by addressing the cause of the issue while medicines and drugs simply numb the outward symptoms of the diagnosis without fixing the source of the problem. The science and research behind a chiropractic adjustment’s ability to improve brain function continues to take shape through studies and data. Brain enhancement and improved hormone function await both those who suffer from ADHD and those simply wanting to unlock their optimal cognitive ability. Children and adults deserve the best opportunity to live a life free from drugs and symptom-treating medications. Chiropractic care delivers results which are proven by science and driven by the magnificent power of the brain and nervous system. Schedule a consultation to find out how chiropractic can help your family!

Source: Experimental Brain Research 2015 Apr;233(4):1165-73 “Changes in H-reflex and V-waves following spinal manipulation.” Niazi IK, Türker KS, Flavel S, Kinget M, Duehr J, Haavik H.