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Daily stresses have a quiet way of settling in and changing a person’s health.  Over time, the muscles along the spine can shorten; spinal joints can begin to lock while postures twist and shift.  Most importantly, the nerves inside the spine that connect the brain to the body start to be affected.  This spinal nerve tension begins to change the core of your body.

Your core is designed in two parts.  The first part is situated around your waist and is referred to as your “support core”.  It keeps you balanced and upright.  Your second core is like the core of an apple. It runs through the center of your body and is referred to as your “communication core”. It connects your brain to all your body functions.  This part of your core keeps you alive, healthy and vital.

We have taken three different tests along this communication core. These tests measure how efficiently your nerve connections inside the core are working.  We have measured how signals from the brain flow through the muscles that move and support you.  We have looked to see if tiny temperature variations are occurring along the spine.  The nerves that regulate your temperature, control your inner organs.  Finally we have tested your heart rate to see if your daily stress loads are affecting your ability to cope. All the data from these tests is put together and then complex calculations are then made to create your Core Score.   Your score tells us how much interference is in your communication core and how we can begin to help you.

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