corporate posture program bucks county

The following is what is covered in the Corporate Posture Program:

  • Impact of posture on communication and sales
  • The posture-health connection. How posture affects overall health
  • Proper ergonomic design
  • How to improve posture/prevent injury (ex: lifting techniques), including immediately valuable takeaways
  • Positive effects of exercise and diet on productivity

Why is this program valuable?

  • Research supports that the implementation of proper posture and ergonomic utilization of equipment while working will increase productivity by 54%, decrease absenteeism by 67%, a reduction of 93% in worker’s compensation cases, and a decreased employee turnover of 94%
  • The number one reason for absenteeism among employees is due to musculoskeletal disorders
  • 80% of people have had or currently have back pain

How does the program work?

  • Most often for companies, we come in during a team/staff meeting
  • In the past, we have provided food appropriate for the time of day (lunch/breakfast)
  • We can adapt our program to different lengths of presentation time