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Breathing, the Secret Exercise

When most people think of exercise, it conjures up images of muscular athletes hoisting heavy barbells overhead or sweaty zero-body-fat runners completing their umpteenth mile.

But there is an exercise that everyone can do, regardless of current condition or level of experience. Everyone can breathe.

healthy exercise montgomery county paBreathing, is that exercise? Even the breathing that we do throughout each day does exercise our rib muscles and oxygenates our cells like exercise does.

And, proper breathing exercises don’t risk injury or overexertion, so they are safe and all natural.

Try this: Sitting quietly and comfortably, breathe in slowly through your nose, and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Just do it once or twice and notice how you feel. Do it a few more times, and again, notice how you feel. After a few of these breaths, you should feel upbeat yet relaxed. Your vision may be clearer, or you may just feel more alert.

Experiment with the way you breathe in and out. For example, when you breathe in, take in the air like you would fill a pitcher, from the bottom up. This exercises your breathing muscles under your rib cage and between your ribs, and gets air into the deepest part of your lungs.

If you can develop better breathing habits, you will be healthier overall. Breathing is easy, free, and you’re doing it anyway – you may as well refine it and use it as a simple health and wellness advantage. It’s good for your body, and it’s good for your brain. It will lead to more energy and vitality, less stress, and a better quality of life. So, breathe! It’s a secret key to better health.