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Can Chiropractic Help With Seasonal Allergies?

Spring, summer, fall, and winter comprise the seasons of the annual calendar. Millions of people would identify allergy season as the agonizing fifth season of their personal calendars. Seasonal allergies arrive in the form of sleep troubles, itchy eyes, mucous, and congestion among other uncomfortable and annoying symptoms.

With the indecisive weather changing from warm to cold to warm, allergies and sinus issues have popped up recently for patients. Doctors prescribe antihistamine drugs as a solution and millions of dollars change hands in exchange for temporary relief that comes at the expense of money and potential side effects. A huge piece of the puzzle goes overlooked in this transaction. Why do some people suffer from allergies while other people go unaffected?

chiropractors in bucks county, paThe chiropractic model insists on fixing the cause of the issue in order to focus on a result-based outcome that improves health and vitality. If ten people walked through a windblown field of pollen, statistics show that only three would be afflicted with allergy-type symptoms. Pollen does not cause seasonal allergies or all ten people would experience an allergic reaction. Every person possesses an ability to encounter and filter potential allergy stressors like pollen. People who encounter the same stimulus without succumbing to allergy symptoms simply react and adapt to pollen differently through the function and health of the systems working within the body. Health and function receive direction from the central nervous system.

The central nervous system directs the immune system’s ability to adapt to outside stressors like pollen and cat dander. The spine maintains an intimate relationship with the central nervous system and improved function of the spine provides a venue for the healing of various diseases and afflictions. A 2010 study determined that patients receiving chiropractic care experienced higher levels of immune-producing antibodies in their blood. These antibodies help minimize the effects of allergy-inducing agents.

The central nervous system serves as the health mainframe for every person regardless of age, gender or race. Chiropractors commit to the health and function of the spine to unlock the health potential in every patient. Everyone in a community experiences the same allergy stressors. Those equipped with healthy nervous systems carry an added advantage. Chiropractic patients across the world experience improvement or resolution in allergy symptoms after a period of adjustments that enable restoration of spinal health and nervous system function.

People suffering from seasonal allergies deserve a solution that does not promote dependence on methods that only provide temporary relief. Chiropractic provides a safe, drugless solution to the cause of dysfunction that contributes to allergy symptoms and a long list of other ailments. Chiropractic works!