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Common Habits That Make You Sick

Everybody wants to be as healthy as possible, but most of us don’t recognize the common habits we’ve developed that are actually making us less well. Many of our habits consistently stress our body and weaken our immune system over time making us more susceptible to getting sick.

back relief in montgomery county paFor example, many people salt their food before they even taste it. Taking in too much salt is a frequent contributor to high blood pressure, heart problems, and blood vessel disease. Moderate your salt intake and reduce your risk of circulatory problems.

Too many of us stop for low-quality coffee and a donut for breakfast. Your body flash-burns the carbohydrates in the donut, turbocharges your system with caffeine from coffee most likely tainted with mold, and then a couple of hours later, you crash and need to do it again, with a Coke, a sugary snack, or an energy drink. This up-and-down cycle stresses your metabolism, driving you into overload which eventually exhausts you. Have a healthy breakfast every day, with protein and fats and less carbohydrates – it will satiate and regulate your body and relieve your stress.

Staying up late may seem cool and temporarily improve your social life, but the cost is losing sleep, and if this happens on a regular basis, it hurts your brain. Get enough sleep, and your brain will function better.

Most of us don’t realize how important it is to take good care of your spine. Ignoring your spinal health is a habit that costs you, not only in wear and tear on your structure, but in reducing the stimulation to your brain. Visit your neighborhood spinal expert, aka your chiropractor, for regular check-ups for you and your whole family – a healthy spine means a healthy brain.

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