prevent coronavirus

Dealing with COVID-19

With the world turned upside-down by COVID-19, we all have a three-stage approach to get past this worldwide problem. First, we must clamp down on the spread of this highly contagious coronavirus. That means observing “social distancing” recommendations, avoiding contact with sick people, and sanitizing constantly.

prevent coronavirusMost people who are infected will have either no symptoms or mild symptoms, though a small percentage will get very sick and even may die. The question is, how can you improve the odds that you will get a mild case if you do get sick?

This is a product of having a healthy immune system, fancy words that mean “the way your body protects itself is working well.” Just through daily life, we are exposed to dirt, germs, and other toxic agents, and your immune system fights diseases and helps you to function normally even when your body is under attack.

So, here are three simple habits that will boost your immune system.

  1. Strengthen yourself with good nutrition, your body’s fuel. Vitamins like C, D, A and B complex, and minerals like zinc, iron and selenium give your body building materials for defense. Eat enough protein and limit sweets. Eat a rainbow of foods – fresh fruits and vegetables contain substances to help you heal. Take prebiotics, to balance the friendly organisms in your gut. And don’t forget the water – you need it to clean yourself out.
  2. Choose optimal lifestyle habits. Sleep enough. Dress to meet the conditions you’ll face. Quit smoking – you’re going to have to do it somewhere along the line, may as well be now. And exercise – studies show that exercise improves immune system response.
  3. Manage your stress. This is a trying time – go out of your way to be nice and appreciate those around you. Practice stress reduction techniques like walking, breathing, stretching, yoga or chiropractic care. BrainTap is also a great technology to try. You can try it here for free for 15 days. You won’t have the light therapy part, but if you wear headphones, you will still get the benefit of the sound therapy. And smile – you’ll feel your stress melt away, at least for a moment, and that feels good.

It’s no guarantee, but those who are healthier will suffer less. Let’s get through this crisis, and then get busy making ourselves as well as possible.