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Finding Relief Without Drugs

Bottom Line:

With the opioid crisis affecting millions of people, it may come as no surprise that there’s probably someone in your circle of friends and family struggling with opioid misuse or addiction. For those people, it can feel nearly impossible to find a way out. That potent combination of pain relief and euphoria characteristic of opioids makes them so incredibly addictive to both the brain and body. However, while opioids were once the standard, recent research has given people struggling with addiction new hope.

pain relief montgomery county paWhy it Matters:

Top clinical research facilities have started recommending a team approach to combat opioid dependence. A combination of medical and alternative care (and quite often chiropractic) are being used to provide people with a safe, natural path to recovery and pain relief. Some organizations are now recommending chiropractic instead of opioids as a first step in treatment! Here are a few key aspects shared by many successful opioid addiction treatment programs:

  • The providers and patients are continually updating their goals and expectations.
  • Reassurance of relief and reducing the fear of movement is important.
  • Getting involved in social activities and hobbies has been shown to support pain relief. 

Next Steps:

Getting off opioids should never be attempted without the help of a medical professional. Our practice is happy to collaborate with other providers on your healthcare team to help you find the best evidence-informed care options. We’re here for you and look forward to helping you get your life back without drugs or medications. When you’re ready, give us a call. If you know someone who would benefit from this information, share it with them today. In the coming weeks, we will take a look at some specific conditions where chiropractic can be used to help improve the condition instead of relying on medications like opioids.

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