prevent sickness

Go on the Offense Against COVID-19 and Other Sickness

Over the last 6 months, we’ve all heard of ways to defend against COVID-19 and other diseases. Our defense included social distancing, masks, and barrels of hand sanitizer. These worked to varying degrees, but at this point, it is time to start thinking of some of the proactive ways we can ensure health.

prevent sicknessNow, let’s talk about the offense — what we can do to keep ourselves healthy and not be as susceptible to the virus. Those who are most likely to get very sick are those who are weakened to start with – the elderly, the obese, diabetics, those with heart and lung disease and cancer patients, for example.

So, the first thing you can do is try not to fall into these categories if you have a choice. We can’t do much about our age, but we can do a lot about our weight – make better eating decisions and exercise appropriately, and you buy yourself a better chance for survival, not to mention improving your quality of life.

Many don’t realize that some forms of diabetes and heart disease are caused by lifestyle mistakes, like poor diet, lack of exercise or alignment, insufficient sleep, or excessive stress. This means that to the extent that these conditions are preventable; you can prevent them with good choices of habits and behaviors.

If you don’t have any of these conditions, then you’re better off, but you’re not entirely in the clear – you’ll still need to nourish yourself effectively with good food, drink enough water and get enough sleep, do something to relieve your stress, like exercise, meditation, yoga, or massage, and get your alignment checked at your family chiropractor. A healthy spine leads to a healthy brain, and your body depends on a healthy brain to keep everything working right.

It may seem obvious that the best way to not get sick is to become healthier – yet that is how you can avoid illness and improve health and wellness. Yes, please play good defense and don’t put yourself in a risky situation – but then play good offense and make good judgments about the best way to get and stay healthy, so you’re doing everything possible to look out for yourself and those you care about.