health goals

New Year, New Health Goals

It’s a new year, and smart families who want to be healthy and save money on health care costs are choosing better habits that help you to feel, look and act your best.

health goalsThere are five simple habits that can lead you to better health. First, you must eat well, avoiding sugar, salt and processed foods, and rather concentrating your diet on fresh vegetables and fruits, with a complement of high-quality meat, fish, and grains as you and your family wish. Some avoid meat, some avoid dairy, but getting a variety of foods usually is the best basic strategy for good nutrition. Plan to drink at least six or eight glasses of water daily.

Second, you must exercise, at least 75-150 minutes each week, including walking, running, swimming, aerobics, stretching or weight training, among other options. Get your body moving to increase strength, balance and coordination.

Third, you need proper rest and sleep, generally about seven or eight hours each night. When you sleep, your brain cleans, nourishes and maintains itself, and this only happens when you are asleep. That means if you don’t sleep enough, your brain lacks the time it needs to heal itself, so make sure to get sufficient sleep.

Fourth, you will have to find ways to reduce and cope with your stresses. Meditation, yoga, or communing with Nature are great ways to relax and calm yourself to deal with your adversities.

Finally, create a team of health and wellness advisors to coach you on getting the most out of yourself. Your doctor of chiropractic is your neighborhood expert on health habits and the benefits of the chiropractic wellness lifestyle. Tell your chiropractor about your health goals for 2020, and get his or her advice on how to achieve your desired outcomes. Make this year your healthiest yet, for yourself and your family!