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The Importance of School-Related Stresses on Our Children

Children are subject to more stress in school than ever before. Most kids experience the physical stress of sports injuries or sitting at uncomfortable one-size-fits-all student desks and chairs. Not only are the chairs uncomfortable, but the act of sitting is not good for the spine. With schools reducing the amount of time of recess, gym class, and other movement, children end up spending the majority of their days at a desk. They also carry unbalanced and ridiculously too-heavy backpacks, they bend their necks forward texting or playing video games (text/tech neck), and that all puts a lot of strain on their young bodies.

sports chiropractor in montgomery county paMost kids suffer the chemical stress of a poor diet, opting for sugary and salty snacks instead of fresh wholesome foods. And most kids bear the emotional stress of academic pressure, not to mention the social issues of competing with peers, seeking approval of friends, ugliness with bullies and trying to develop the tools for young romance.

And that’s only the average stuff that affects most school children. On top of that, each kid will have certain areas where he or she has magnified problems, like with their families, their health, food cravings and addictions, or just feeling like they don’t fit in. Add in a few bad health habits, like juvenile smoking, staying up to late hours of the night, and fighting, and our kids face tremendous stress every single day.

This excessive, consistent stress can take an enormous toll on our children. When you find an effective way to reduce or eliminate those stresses, you’ll be exposing them to a worldview of health and wellness they might not have otherwise known about.

Chiropractic adjustments for kids are a great way to reduce the stresses that have already taken a toll on their bodies. The adjustments optimize the function of the nervous system and overall body, so children will be better able to adapt to and deal with new stresses that they encounter too!