Lower Back Pain in Bucks County

Your Personal Exercise Formula

Everyone needs some degree of exercise, but we are all different, and that means we all need a personalized approach to exercise. Here are five steps for you to develop your own personalized exercise formula.

  1. Lower Back Pain in Bucks CountyTarget – What are you trying to do with your exercise? Get fit? Lose weight? Build your body? Your first step is to decide what you want to accomplish, so you can pick an exercise routine that takes you toward that goal. So, you must be clear about your outcome.
  2. Condition – What kind of shape are you currently in? You need to assess your status, so you can choose exercises that stretch you but don’t overwhelm you. Start with an easy or at most a moderate pace, whether you walk, run, swim, practice yoga, play a sport, learn a martial art or whatever you desire. Build up over time, based on your own tolerance.
  3. Time Line – When will you begin? How frequently will you exercise? For how long each session? What is your first foreseeable milestone? What other milestones would be important to you? What is the endpoint of this process, if any? Anything worth doing is worth measuring, so arrange your goals around a time frame. Be flexible enough to adapt if you get knocked off for any reason (see step 4.)
  4. Slipping and Checking – Few people start exercising and continue on indefinitely, exercising perfectly every time. Humans often refine and master new behaviors in fits and starts, and that means that you may start your exercise program, and then have it interrupted, for a good reason or not. The trick is, as soon as you notice you slipped, check yourself, and get back on target. This allows you to course-correct along the way to success.
  5. Celebration – Give yourself a reward to aim for upon completion of your goal. You worked hard – associate pleasure to being healthy, so you want to set another goal and pursue that one, too. In this way, you shape your behavior and move toward a healthier lifestyle.

Your family chiropractor can help you choose an exercise target, assess your current condition, pick exercises you will enjoy and benefit from, and establish goals to achieve. Create your own personal exercise formula – it will help you live a healthier, less stressful life.