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3 Health Risks We Face Every Day

Health care experts agree that most human maladies can be prevented or avoided with better lifestyle decisions. The two biggest killers of our people, heart disease and cancer, could largely be eliminated if we chose habits that supported good health – eating good food, no smoking, keeping the body fit and a few other basic choices would cut the prevalence of serious illness considerably.

But why do we actually get sick in the first place? It’s for one simple reason – our bodies are designed to work properly, as long as nothing interferes, but there is constant interference in the form of stress – healthy tips montgomery county paphysical, chemical and emotional stresses that our bodies must deal with to survive.

We may suffer large or small injuries – that creates physical stress we must heal from, not to mention the constant, ongoing downward pull of gravity. We may eat poorly or come in contact with toxic substances or drugs – that creates chemical stress we must clean out of our bodies. We may have upsetting experiences with family, work, finances or health in general – that creates emotional stress we must relieve or cope with.

Physical, chemical and emotional stress are the underlying cause of most illness, and we must learn to stay away from these stresses where possible and adapt to them when they can’t be reduced. It’s the job of your doctor of chiropractic, your most trusted health and wellness advisor, to help you understand where these stresses are coming from, and what you can do to make yourself healthier.

See your chiropractor – he or she can help you handle the stresses of your life.

If you or someone you know in the Warminster, Hatboro, Horsham, Warrington, or surrounding towns needs chiropractic help to minimize the negative consequences of the stresses in their lives, then we would love to help! Call or schedule an appointment today!