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Feeling Young May Mean a Healthy Brain

A new study out of South Korea examined the brains of 68 healthy seniors, aged 59 to 84, to compare their biological age to their functional age, in other words, the way their brains are currently performing.

As you would expect, there were those who exercised their brains more than others, as part of their lifestyle, with games, creative thinking and artistic endeavors. Others interfered with their best brain function with dietary indiscretion, smoking habits, and lack of mental and physical challenges.

get healthy in montgomery county paBut even after correcting for those factors, there was a key characteristic that seemed to show up with the people who had the healthiest brains – people who reported feeling younger than their age tended to have a younger brain physiologically.

And it wasn’t just a positive attitude, though of course that helps – those who said they felt younger actually had younger and healthier gray matter in their brains, according to specialized testing they performed.

A “younger” brain gives you a better memory, better comprehension and enhanced use of speech and language.

Neuroscientists have known for decades that spinal health plays a major role in brain health. The spine not only protects the spinal cord and spinal nerves, it helps to bathe the brain in nutrients, and stimulate brain function with its movement. Dr. Roger Sperry, who was the recipient of a Nobel Prize, stated that 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine!

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