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Flu Season is Here but You Need to Understand This About Immunity

The immune system of a child or adult is one of the most complex and sophisticated phenomena of the human existence. A better understanding of the immune system and the reason why one person gets sick and another does not can be acquired by thinking about two green pastures right beside each another. The first is left alone and the second has garbage dumped all over it. The first green pasture has normal growth, normal animals living, and a pleasant appearance. The second pasture looks and smells horrible which attracts rodents, maggots and buzzards. The second pasture is that way because of its response to the trash. The first pasture needed no help to flourish because it was designed to clean itself and stay well-developed. This same metaphoric principle applies to the design of the human body and its immune system.back pain montgomery county pa

To get the second pasture back to the quality of the first pasture, one would have to remove the bad stuff that was interfering with its natural design to stay well-maintained and functioning. Spraying chemicals on the maggots, setting traps for the rodents, and shooting the buzzards out of the sky would seem to be a logical solution to restore that order. However, this strategy would only get rid of them for a short time. Eventually the problems come back unless the source of the interference is removed. The trash and garbage is the source of the interference. Removing the interference would allow the pasture to flourish.

The human immune system is like either a dirty or clean pasture. Immunity is directed by the organs and enforced by cells through the blood. All immunity must be mediated by body chemistry (hormones) and controlled by the nervous system, which is why the spine plays a major role in immunity. We cannot just attempt to kill germs and focus on things outside the body; we need to strengthen our body’s innate defenses. Along with many others that show the correlation, research published in 2011 proved a direct link between spinal adjustments and an increase in the immune-boosting cells called IgA. The study showed an amazing 139% increase in the immune-boosting IgA within minutes after a spinal adjustment.

Eating correctly, properly hydrating, and adequate sleep are a few of the many variables that contribute to maximizing immune function. However, chiropractic adjustments are a vital aspect of improving health from the inside-out, and arguably one of the most unknown strategies for improving immunity in healthcare today. Chiropractors worldwide are driven to change this by teaching the world about the benefits of chiropractic and deliver the cutting-edge immune-boosting care to as many families as possible.