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Kind People Live Longer

radiant life chiropracticA new study from the University of North Carolina showed that our genes respond to kindness. The research included three groups of people – one group that learned to meditate, one group that learned a special loving kindness meditation, and a control group that did not meditate at all.

The results were startling. The group that learned and practiced the loving kindness meditation had measurable changes in their genetic material – specifically, the protective end caps on each chromosome, called telomeres, showed decreased wear and tear.

Why is that important? The wear and tear on the telomeres is a sure sign of aging – in other words, those who practiced the kindness meditation actually slowed their aging process! That means that there is a direct relationship between being kind and living longer.

So, there’s more to kindness than just being a nice person, though that is of course a good thing to be. It turns out that looking for ways to express kindness is good for you as well as those you are kind to – it extends your life, makes your body work better, and it feels really good, too!

Practice kindness – it will make this world a better place, and also give you more years to live and enjoy. If you struggle with meditation but want to get the benefits, look at one our previous blogs about the 6 phase meditation. In addition to that, we will be introducing BrainTap soon. It is a device that utilizes light and sound therapy to help restore your brain’s natural balance so you can feel relaxed, rebooted and revitalized anytime, anywhere. BrainTap has been used with positive results for people dealing with anxiety, depression, fatigue, brain fog and more.