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The Real Importance for Scoliosis Screening

Schools recently opened their doors to students worldwide, and families already mobilized to prepare for the school year. They knew they needed to buy books and supplies, to arrange for bus transportation or car pools, to coordinate meals either on site or from home, to select new wardrobe items and other typical school matters.

back pain bucks countyThey also probably planned a yearly physical and a dental examination as well. But many families don’t yet realize that an examination of the brain, spine, and nerve system might be the most important check-up of all.

Parents in the know are paying attention – brain health is front and center in every family’s needs, but our neighbors are only now waking up to the pressing need to reduce brain stress to improve overall health.

So, include a chiropractic exam as part of those steps as the school year kicks off, and you’ll be covering one of the most significant issues affecting your family’s health and wellness.

In many places, scoliosis screening is mandated by law, and in others it’s strongly recommended as a solution to a serious public health issue – but most people don’t yet understand the relationship between the spine’s movement and brain health.

Nobel prize winning scientist Roger Sperry stated without reservation that the movement of the spine supplies 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to your brain – clearly, a chiropractic check-up should be part of your family’s health and wellness routine to start each school year.

After all, what kind of results can we reasonably expect from children in school if they neglect their brain health? It’s common sense, the healthier your brain, the better you’ll do in school.

But the brain does a lot more besides learning and cognitive function – it runs all the subtle mechanisms of your body, helping you breathe, digest food, move, and so on – it’s reasonable to say that a healthier brain leads to a healthier life, and one of the best ways to get your brain healthier is with safe, all-natural chiropractic care.

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