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You Only Get One Brain

You can get an implant for a missing tooth. You can get a prosthesis, a mechanical limb to use if one of your arms or legs is damaged or lost. You can even get a transplant if your heart, lungs or kidneys wear out.

low back careBut you only get one brain – there are no replacement parts for the contents of your skull. And that means that of course you need a little luck, but it also calls for developing good habits to improve your brain health and avoid the behaviors or conditions that hurt, injure, inflame or otherwise destroy your brain.

So, your best practices for the care and feeding of your brain include enough sleep, good food, sufficient water and exercise, and using your mind creatively and actively to retain and enhance your mental acuity. Reducing your stress through massage, meditation, prayer or some other relaxation techniques is also necessary.

Chiropractic adjustments and proper spinal movement have been shown to nourish and stimulate the brain toward better function. And of course you must avoid injury to the best of your ability, either severe head trauma or repetitive micro-injuries from sequential bumps and bruises, like in contact sports, for example.

If you take good care of your brain, you will get amazing and powerful service from it. If not, then you have to wonder just how long you can remain consistent with life itself. The good news is, there’s plenty you can do to tip the scales in your favor – you just actually have to make the effort to do it. If you have any specific questions about how to better take care of your brain or overall health, then please do not hesitate to call or text us at 215-259-5100. Also follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@radiantlifechiro) for more helpful information!