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What’s Your Wellness Score? 3 Reasons Why You Need to Know It

chiropractors in warminsterYou’re probably thinking my what?! What is a Wellness Score? It’s our new form of assessment here at Radiant Life Chiropractic. The Wellness Score is simple but it provides a lot of good, powerful information about your health. It takes into consideration many different health biomarkers and provides an easy-to-understand grading system. All of our current chiropractic assessments, including the Core Score and digital x-rays, will still be utilized, and additional health factors will be measured too. Practice members will receive a grade on an A to F scale (just like school report cards) for every individual biomarker and then an overall grade that represents their Wellness Score. It really is the one score that you can’t afford to fail. Failing in your health is a lot more serious than bringing home an F on a high school English assignment.

So why do you need to know your Wellness Score? Here are 3 main reasons:

  1. You will know the state of your health: It is vital to know where you stand regarding overall health. Some people don’t want to know what their weight is, how much body fat they have, how much their spine is degenerated, etc. However, is it better to be ignorant about an issue or be aware of it so you can address it head on? What gets measured gets addressed. The Wellness Score allows you to comprehensively evaluate your current health state.
  2. You will identify the areas that need the most improvement: There are many factors that are measured during the evaluation. Many people who come in with complaints like back pain or neck pain actually have lifestyle issues that are contributing to the aches and discomfort. After seeing your Wellness Score, you will have a better idea about how to attack any issue. For some people, it might be focusing on losing weight and becoming stronger in addition to undergoing chiropractic care. Other people may have issues with flexibility and mobility. The Wellness Score will highlight these areas of deficit.
  3. You can objectively track progress: The best part about this assessment is that you can use it to track your health progress. There is nothing better than going from a C up to an A. Not only does that mean your body is functioning better, but you will also be feeling much better. Our physiology doesn’t lie, so even if there are no symptoms yet, when there are signs of trouble, symptoms are usually close. Our goal is to make sure you not only feel better currently, but feel, and more importantly function, better in the future.

If you are in Hatboro, Horsham, Warminster or Warrington and aren’t satisfied with your health, then schedule an appointment to have your Wellness Score evaluated. Maybe you want to lose weight, have better energy, sleep better, or get rid of digestive issues-whatever it may be, it is good to know where your health stands and if there are any potential reasons for why you feel the way you do. Call today, take advantage of our Wellness Score special for July, and let us guide you on the road to true health!